Double Bachelor's degree: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management

Degree mobility programmes

Double degree International GEIiADE

Double Degree in Computer Engineering and Global Business Engineering

Students of the Double Degree in Computer Engineering and Global Business Engineering have the possibility to study the Double Degree in Computer Engineering and ADE & Global Business Engineering at the Danish university of VIA University College.

VÍA University College, located in the city of Horsens, in the central region of Denmark, educates, among others, future engineers and designers. It offers more than 40 degrees at eight campuses throughout the region. VÍA's most advanced training departments have more than 20,000 annual participants in garu and master's programs. Fact that makes VÍA UC the largest university training institution in northern Europe.


Horsens is a town on the east coast of the Jutland region of Denmark. The population of the city is 59,181 inhabitants (data for 2019) and the population of the municipality is 90,370 inhabitants (data for 2019). It is consequently the 8th largest city in Denmark. Horsens is also a city known for its culture and its entertainment offer: the new Horsens Theater is a cultural center that celebrates more than 200 annual events that has managed to program shows by important artists such as Bob Dylan, Madonna or The Rolling Stones. Currently, the city is experiencing positive development with new industry moving to Horsens, especially in the electronics and graphic design sector. Horsens also has the only industrial museum in Denmark.

Directorate of International Relations EPS

Alvaro de Gracia Àlvaro De Gracia

The Polytechnic School of the University of Lleida launched an Internationalization Plan in 2013 that establishes the objectives and actions to be carried out to achieve the internationalization of the studies taught at the School. The tab in progress and implementation of this plan is the responsibility of the EPS Management team, mediating the deputy director of International Relations.

Each Center incorporates the figure of an academic coordinator of international relations to provide students with more precise, careful and close information regarding their mobility expectations. The academic coordinator of international relations of the Higher Polytechnic School is the deputy director of the School.



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World Wide EPS Meeting


World Wide EPS Meeting

The Polytechnic School of the University of Lleida considers the process of internationalization of the center a key aspect. On the one hand, for its own establishment and strengthening as a reference center. On the other hand, for the professional future of its students. This process allows us to face the future with optimism and a global and open vision of the world.

The future professionals who have emerged from the Polytechnic School must be able to face their future work challenges with the maximum guarantees of success, understand and visualize in a global way the authentic and excellent job opportunities that are offered at a European and global level. This desire for internationalization focuses on four main lines of action:

  • The internationalization of the institution in all its fields of action (teaxi, research and transfer).
  • The internationalization of all members of the university community.
  • The internationalization of the reseració and the transfer.
  • The consolidation of a solid and high quality international destination for our students.