Double Bachelor's degree: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management

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Double Bachelor's degree: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Management

Academic course

ECTS credits

372 ECTS, 5 years

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Escola Politècnica Superior

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Language of instruction

Catalan, Spanish and English

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Sílvia Miquel Fernández

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The degree in figures
The degree in figures
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Presentation of the Double Degree

The dual Degree in Computer Engineering and Business Administration and Management (GEIADE) aims to train professionals who integrate interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of computer technology and services and business management.

It trains professionals in management activities, advice and evaluation of organizations, as well as in activities of analysis, design and implementation of computer systems that solve problems of information processing of the different aspects of the life of the organization. These activities can take place in the global scope of the organization, as well as in its different functional areas, such as: production, human resources, financing, marketing, investment, administration or accounting.

Graduates have to know the articulation of all these functional areas within the general objectives of the productive unit, their relationship with the global context of the economy and know the problems of information management. In short, they must be in a position to contribute with their activity to the proper functioning, to the efficient use of computing, communication and information storage resources and to the improvement of results.

It enables students to design, manage and maintain computer systems that respond to the specific needs of a business organization, in any of its functional areas: production, human resources, financing and investment, marketing, administration and accounting.

  • The GEIADE graduate has an interdisciplinary profile with expertise in new information and communication technologies (ICT) on the one hand, and expertise in business management on the other.

  • Ability to detect business opportunities in the field of ICT and undertake innovative technology-based initiatives.

  • Ability to direct and manage IT services in business organizations. Capacity for auditing, consulting, design and integration of technological solutions.

Why do you have to study this double degree at EPS?

  • For his professional career. It is a double degree that arises from the request of the Catalan business community. It also combines the professional opportunities of two degrees that enjoy an important job offer.

  • Because it adapts to the profile required by the organizations of the future. An interdisciplinary profile with a high level of occupation and future projection.

  • Because following an itinerary of five academic courses, two qualifications are obtained: The Degree in Computer Engineering and the Degree in Business Administration and Management. Nowadays it is even more interesting since taking a second degree has a higher cost.

The University of Lleida is a pioneer in Catalonia in this teaching offer. In the 2013-2014 academic year, the University of Lleida was the first to offer the Double Degree in Computer Engineering and Business Administration and Management that integrates, relates and gives a unitary meaning to two disciplines that are quite different.

To implement the Double Degree in Computer Engineering and ADE, which is organized in person, we offer you:

  • Validation of Higher Degree Training Cycles (CFGS) to the Double Degree in Computer Engineering and ADE.

  • Small groups that facilitate interaction with the teachers and a more careful monitoring of the work carried out by the student.

  • Continuous evaluation.

  • Block curricular qualification of the subjects corresponding to the same academic year Individualized tutorials. At EPS each student has a tutor assigned to whom they can address any question related to their studies.

  • Within the Néstor tutoring program, attention mechanisms are established for the student.

  • Incorporation of active methodologies.

  • Tutored internships in compulsory companies that allow for the employment of graduates (105 annual internship offers).

  • The possibility of carrying out these practices in the international arena. Final Degree Project with tutoring and continuous evaluation.

  • The possibility of carrying out the TFG within the framework of the company.

  • Because the UdL has suitable facilities for both degrees on the same campus, the Cappont campus, located on the left bank of the Segre river.

Job opportunities

Graduates in Computer Engineering and Business Administration, according to data from the latest survey published on labor insertion in Catalonia of the AQU, Labor Report 2017 of graduates achieve a JOB INSERTION of 100%

The profession for which graduates are trained once they have obtained the two degrees is that of Computer Engineering and that of Economist.

The professional opportunities are, on the one hand, those of the graduates in ADE and, on the other, those of the graduates in Computer Engineering. But, in addition, those that require skills acquired in both degrees are added.

Those of the graduate in Business Administration and Management:

  • Investment and finance consultant.
  • Market analyst.
  • Tax advisor.
  • Auditor.
  • Commercial director and marketing expert.
  • Accounting expert.
  • Management and direction of companies, public organizations and non-profit institutions.

Those of the graduate in Computer Engineering:

  • Designer and software developer.
  • Technological and functional consultant for information systems.
  • Developer of security policies and technologies in networks and information systems.
  • Management of communication networks, databases and computer systems.
  • Director of projects for facilities and information systems.

The specific ones for the double graduate in Computer Engineering and Business Administration:

  • Creator of own company with technological base and advisor in business creation.
  • Director of the company's IT services.
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • Consultant.
  • Marketing Director with implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and introduction of ICT to the commercial area.
  • Programmer of internal applications in the different functional areas of the company.
  • Auditor, consultant, designer and integrator of technological solutions for the company.
  • Director in technology company.

Double international degrees

Students of the Double Degree in Computer Engineering and Business Administration have the possibility of taking the Double Degree in Computer Engineering and Business Administration & Global Business Engineering at the Danish university of VIA University College.

VÍA University College, located in the city of Horsens, in the central region of Denmark, educates, among others, future engineers and designers. It offers more than 40 degrees at eight campuses throughout the region. VÍA's most advanced training departments have more than 20,000 annual participants in garu and master's programs. Fact that makes VÍA UC the largest university training institution in northern Europe.

Horsens is a town on the east coast of the Jutland region of Denmark. The population of the city is 59,181 inhabitants (data for 2019) and the population of the municipality is 90,370 inhabitants (data for 2019). It is consequently the 8th largest city in Denmark. Horsens is also a city known for its culture and its entertainment offer: the new Horsens Theater is a cultural center that celebrates more than 200 annual events that has managed to program shows by important artists such as Bob Dylan, Madonna or The Rolling Stones. Currently, the city is experiencing positive development with new industry moving to Horsens, especially the electronics and graphic design sector. Horsens also has the only industrial museum in Denmark.

Discover the degree in 3 minutes


What are the specific subjects that weigh 0.2 in the Double Degree in Computer Engineering and ADE?

You can find these subjects on the double degree website, in the Access and Admission tab.

Also on the website of the Department of Economy and Knowledge of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

What is the cut-off mark in the double degree of computer engineering and ADE?

The cut-off mark is the lowest grade with which a student achieves admission to a specific degree through the process of allocating places (university pre-registration). This mark, therefore, depends on the relationship between the supply of places in the degree and the demand of applicants, and there is no pre-established minimum mark. In the degrees that have more demand than offer of places, the last admitted student marks the cut-off mark.

As it is a process that depends on the supply and demand of each academic year, it cannot be known in advance. As guidance, you can consult the cut-off notes from previous years. Now, since the 2013-2014 academic year is the first year in which the double degree in computer engineering and ADE is offered to the UdL and also in Catalonia, there is no record of cut-off marks from previous courses.

The cut-off notes are published in mid-July on the web:

Are there subjects in English?

What level of English is required to access / obtain the Double Degree in Computer Engineering and Business Administration at the UdL? In the dual degree curriculum there are at least two subjects taught in English, one is in the field of business (English for Business II) and the other is in the field of information and communication technologies. Each of these subjects is 6 ECTS.

To access the double degree in computer engineering and ADE, it is not required to prove a level of English.

To obtain the two degrees, the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering and the Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management, and according to agreement no. 153/2008 of the Governing Council of July 18, 2008, it is necessary to prove competence in English.

You can get more information aquí.

If I have completed the high school technological itinerary, can I have problems with the subjects corresponding to the field of business administration and management?

No. The subjects of the field of business organization are self-contained. They do not require previous knowledge different from that acquired in the technological baccalaureate.

If I have taken the high school social sciences itinerary, can I have problems with the subjects corresponding to the field of computer engineering?

No. The training obtained at the baccalaureate of social sciences is sufficient to access the double degree. In any case, in order to successfully tackle the Physics subject, we recommend that students who have not taken this subject during high school follow a preparatory course (that is, a short preparatory course for the Physics subject) provided for in their studies. of the double degree. Before starting the course in which the Physics course is located, from the tutoring program this recommendation will be made to the corresponding students.

If I study the double degree, do I obtain the two graduate degrees in Business Administration and Computer Engineering and do I achieve the same knowledge as if I studied the two degrees separately?

Yes. A student who takes the double degree in computer engineering and ADE will have taken all the subjects of ADE as any student who only enrolls in the degree in ADE and all the subjects that any student of computer engineering studies. The double degree student finishes his studies (in five years) with the same knowledge and skills as a student of the degree in ADE (GADE) and the same as a student of the degree in computer engineering (GEI). Get both titles. About specialization, it is recommended to go to the next question.

If I do the double degree, do I achieve any specialization in the field of computer science or business management?

Before talking about the specialization that is achieved in the double degree, we briefly comment on the specialization that can be obtained in each of the degrees separately.

  1. A student of the degree in ADE at the UdL can take specific electives during the last year. Each student decides if he prefers to take subjects in the field of accounting and finance, or if he prefers to deepen in business management or if he is interested in studying a subject in law or information technology, etc.
  2. A student of the degree in computer engineering obtains the specialization with what is called a specific training module that is taken during the last two years. In the curriculum of the degree in computer engineering at the UdL, five possible specializations are contemplated: Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computing, Information Systems, and Information Technology.
  3. A student of the double degree in computer engineering and ADE has the elective set. You cannot choose electives, all the subjects of the double itinerary are fixed in advance. In this way, regarding the graduate degree in Business Administration, there will be electives that deal with information and communication technologies in the company. Regarding the graduate degree in computer engineering, the specialization given by the Information Systems specific training module will be stated, given that they will have taken the subjects corresponding to this specific training module.

If I have done one of the two degrees, can I do the double degree?

If you have one of the two degrees, either that of computer engineering or that of business administration and management, to have the other degree it is more interesting to take it directly, that is, to take the degree in ADE in case of being engineer and the degree in computer engineering in case of having the degree of ADE.

Studying the double degree as second studies would entail a higher cost since the validations of the subjects already taken would have to be paid, corresponding to the degree that one already has.